LSV MK II v2.01 (Vehicle Blueprint)

Andante Project - Blueprints - Jul 18, 2023

Light Strike Vehicle Mark II with ChaosWVMC

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    5.1 - 5.4
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

The Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) is a light high-speed strike vehicle used by the Singapore Army.

This model of the light strike car will fit perfectly as a decoration in your project, thanks to the high detail of both the model itself and the textures. And several variations of textures allow you to independently determine the degree of contamination of the vehicle, depending on your needs.

It is also possible to integrate this car into your project as a controlled pawn (Control is implemented on the Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component). An important detail is the presence of a fully working physical suspension of the car and simulation of the physics of antennas installed on the car

The model also has a dynamic contamination material that allows you to set the degree of contamination and rust yourself.

Therefore, in the future it is planned to:

  • Develop the mechanics of firing from a rocket launcher
  • Development of the working panel of the speedometer and tachometer
  • Development of manual and automatic transmission shift
  • Development of interactive interaction with interior elements
  • Refinement of the physics of the behavior of the car
  • and much more


Technical Details


  • The original .Blend file is provided on request
  • High detail of the model
  • Detailed description of the suspension system
  • Different levels of texture contamination
  • High resolution textures 4k
  • Highly detailed models of weapons (FN MAG, Spike Anti-tank missiles)
  • 6 logically named materials
  • Control is implemented on the Chaos Wheeled Vehicle Movement Component
  • Fully working physical suspension of the car.
  • Simulation of the physics of antennas installed on the vehicle
  • The sound of the motor and the ride (the sounds are taken from open sources and are not copyrighted)
  • Flexible dynamic contamination material that allows you to create contamination of the vehicle, for example when driving

Number of unique grids:

  • Objects: 8
  • Verticles: 289648
  • Edges: 550329
  • Faced: 283613
  • Triangles: 283613

LODs: None

Number of materials and copies of materials:

  • 1 master material
  • 6 logically named material Instances

Number of textures:

  • Textures of different degrees of contamination. there are 30 textures in total, 12 for each degree of contamination.

Texture Resolutions: 

  • Textures resolution 4k.

Plugins required for correct operation: ChaosVehiclePlugin