Massive Village - Create villages, farms and ruins with PCG

Qwerty Studio - Blueprints - May 24, 2024

Generate villages, farms, and ruins in a few clicks with Massive Village using PCG and a completely non-destructive workflow.

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    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

🎥Trailer | ⌛Quickstart | 📓Documentation | 🎮Discord | 🧩NEW Environment Integration

Work smarter.

Massive Village generates highly detailed villages, farms, and ruins in a few clicks by leveraging the PCG. All those features come with a custom UI to help you build your world easily without going deep without the complexities.

The tool focuses on using a non-destructive workflow saving you time in your level design and working out of the box with World Partition allowing you to scale and create massive worlds.

Massive Village works with any style (low-poly, stylized, or realistic) and comes with a low-poly example. It is also built to work out of the box with Massive World.

🔥Update 1.1

  • Added spawner inside the villages and farm (placement only) for enemies, NPC, and animals
  • Complete integration with Massive World, you can now share biomes so that one biome works on both tools
  • Added the option to draw the crops only for the farm
  • PCG integration with Hi Gen World Partition
  • Performance optimization
  • Environment Integrations are now available! Download it to get your favorite asset ready to use in one click!


  • Work smarter and increase your development speed
  • Draw villages, farms, or ruins directly into your world!
  • Draw roads*, fences, and additional details easily
  • Automatic village creation using PCG
  • Non-destructive workflow
  • Support multiple zones in the same village (ex: marketplace)
  • Template to also create farms in a second
  • Lightning system for your villages (and deactivate them)
  • Data-oriented design
  • Socket system to add interactive lights and doors
  • Work with Runtime Virtual Texture (RVT)
  • Compatible with World Partition
  • The documentation is always available and will never be hidden behind a paywall
  • Work with all styles (low poly, stylized, realistic)
  • And much more...

📌NEW Environment Integration!

Massive Village now has complete databases matching the most popular environment assets on the marketplace! This means you can download them and use Massive Village to generate your villages/farms in just a few clicks. You only need the environment asset and Massive Village in your project, and then download the database available here.

Here are a few examples of ready-to-use environment assets.

Lordenfel - Mana Station

Stylized Village - Polyart

Medieval Houses Modular Vol 2 - GameAssetFactory

Medieval Village Megapack - FreshCan

Medieval Tents & Camping Props Pack - FreshCan

Ultimate Farming - CropCraft Studio

Tropical Jungle Pack - Kaizen Digital Interactive

Forest Environment - FreshCan

MAE Oak Forest - Maelstrom

Dreamscape Tower - Polyart

Oak forest - FreshCan

Stylescape HD - Nick Kochman

Don't see your asset here? No problem you can still create your village/farm and biome, those are just here to save you some time and more will come.

You are a publisher and would like to add it here? Feel free to contact me via e-mail or Discord!

Disclaimer: Only the low poly content is included in the demo, the other meshes are not provided with Massive Village, for the trailer I have used Massive World, Medieval House, Lordenfel, MAE Oak Forest, Brushify, and Megascan to showcase the tool.

This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+

This product supports Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0+

The road system will improve with the evolution of PCG, mostly with features like pathfinding (confirmed in the roadmap)

Orbital Market: Link

Technical Details

Massive Village will include more features over time as PCG will evolve.

Number of Blueprints: 28

Network Replicated: Can be used for networked games.

Supported Platforms: Windows: Yes, Mac: Not tested

Pricing: Massive Village is based on PCG which is currently in Beta. The pricing will also increase as new features are added (no additional cost for current owners).

🧩 Integration with Massive World

🧩Works with any gathering/interaction system: See Nice Interaction System V2 [Tutorial]