The Immersive Template

DYLO Gaming - Blueprints - Nov 10, 2022

A template focused on immersive interaction with objects in the world.

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  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.27, 5.0 - 5.1
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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.

**Please ensure that you have a decent understanding of blueprints before purchasing. This doesn't require you to be an advanced user, as everything is pretty straightforward and commented out. However, if you're completely new, some things may not make sense. Feel free to reach out and I will help answer any questions I can**

📰Update V 1.3 - In the next update, I plan to improve the integration capabilities of this asset substantially📰

🎥 Showcase || Update 1.2 Overview || Replication Tutorial

📄 Documentation V 1.2

👾 Discord

💿 Demo V 1.1 UE5

Update V1.2

  1. Multiplayer Replication 🌎 (experimental)
  2. All of the functions shown, are able to be performed and seen by other players when run in "Client" or "Listen Server" mode. Overview video and documentation of V 1.2 goes more in depth about what works, and the issues present.
  3. Footstep System 👣
  4. I have added a system that checks for the name of the animation playing and seeing if it contains words that fall into 2 arrays. One for walking, and the other for running. If the animation has the notifies added, and contains a matching spelling with the array, you will hear footsteps & see particles.

Description: This template's goal is to be a starting project focused on immersion. Allowing interactions with the world and it's contents by picking them up and placing them down dynamically, based on where they are in relation to the player. There are a wide range of customizable settings set up to work per-object.


📦 Dynamically Pick Up & Put Down Objects

  1. Use Hand IK (Left, Right, Both Hands)
  2. Dynamically pick up based on height (High, Mid, Low)
  3. Easily set holding animation per object

⏺ Locations

  1. These locations allow objects to be placed in either any, or one specific location. When the player is holding an object and is in range of the location, the location will highlight the held object's color in blue, red, or gold, based on set conditions. Please find details in the documentation

☕ Object Interactions

  1. Using tags added to child objects, certain actions can be performed on held objects added to the Immersive Character BP

💳 Key Cards to Open Doors

  1. Key card counter & automatic sliding door that checks if player's card amount is in possession

🪑 Chairs

Three chairs are included in this project:

  1. The first one will have the character sit in & get up out of the chair from directly in front of it
  2. The second chair will teleport the player in and out of the chair (More of a non-immersive chair. Location can easily be edited)
  3. The third chair will play a smooth animation where the player pulls the chair back, and moves in front of it to sit in and get up out of it (left & right side is possible, and example with animations are included)

👣 Footstep System

  1. Detects the name of the animation playing, and if it has "AN_Footstep" notfies added to it and contains words/spelling matching an array for "walking" or "running," you will hear footsteps and see particles spawn

Additional Info:

  1. 🤺 52 animations included (some are mirrored for both left and right hand)
  2. 🖥 Basic UI
  3. 🗳 Example objects, meshes, and sound effects
  4. 📘 Made entirely with blueprints
  5. ♻ Works with UE4.27 - UE5.1 and I will continue supporting these and future ones

**I plan to include many more mechanics with this template in future updates, so please expect price increases when they're added. I'm also more than happy to include requested features as long as they fit within the scope of immersion**

Technical Details

📘 Number of Blueprints: 20 Blueprints

📙 Animation Blueprint "Movement" is the AnimBP the character uses

🎮 Input: Uses default movement inputs. Added actions are set up in Immersive Character with keyboard keys for easy integration

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

❗ Important Instructions ❗

  • To add to a default third person character, follow instructions on the Immersive Character BP
  • When replacing montages with your own, make sure to add notify windows & double-check blend in/out details. Follow the ones used by default as examples
  • Hand IK uses hidden glowing static meshes named "Hand Placement" which can be moved around to set the hand IK placement
  • Using IK with animations that aren't using same IK hands will have them bent in incorrect directions because the hands aren't really being used, so keep that in mind. The "Showcase" level has this set up by default to show this
  • Animations are set up per object using the "Animation Struct" for Dynamic Animations, and uses the default Montages if Dynamic is set to false
  • Footsteps will work if notifies are added and animation name is detected in array variables

If you need any additional help, please feel free to email me, ask questions here, or reach out on Discord. I will make tutorial & update videos on my YouTube as well. If you feel like there’s anything missing or need clarification on something, hit me up! :)