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Hong Kong Public Housing (late 70 - early 80s) - Bundle

(BUNDLE) Beautiful models inspired after interior props in Hong Kong flats. A walkthrough video is also available to provide guidance on how each asset is used in real life and cultural context:

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.24 - 4.26
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

An ALL-IN-ONE pack. A collection of furniture, small props, home appliances, and interior structures to dress up the interior of an old Hong Kong apartment. These assets are game-ready and will work great in first-person games like horror, 3D adventure, or first-person shooters. It has rich visuals with high-quality materials. This pack includes interior structure pieces to construct an interior of an apartment and has a Blueprint to construct electrical wires.

A walkthrough video is also available to provide guidance on how each asset is used in real life and cultural context as you use these elements to build your virtual worlds.

There are stripped-down versions of this pack in our store if you wish to purchase just the props, furniture, or appliances used in this mega pack:

1) Hong Kong Apartment Furniture and Props - ( Pack 1/3 )

2) Hong Kong Apartment - ( Pack 2/3 )

Technical Details


1 Basin

1 Wastebasket

2 Biscuit

2 Plastic container

1 Bookshelf

4 Chinese book

1 Wooden cabinet

1 Cutlery Set (7 Items)

1 Double-decker bed + mattress

1 Wood drawer

1 Folding table

1 Guanyu idol

1 Kitchen sink

1 Lazy chair

1 Mahjong table set

1 Shrine cabinet

3 Sofa

3 Stool

6 Metal can

1 Toilet bowl

1 Table Fan

8 Wall Items (Fan, socket, clock, sticker)

1 Fridge

1 Gas tank

1 Microwave oven

1 Rice cooker

1 Stove

1 Telephone

1 Washing machine

1 Box TV

1 Electric Box

2 Faucet

1 Grinder

1 Head Plug

2 Lamp (2 variations)

1 Light

2 Scale Weight

3 Showerhead

2 Switch

2 Kitchen utensils

No. of Unique Meshes: 183

Collision: Y, Auto Gen

Tri Count: 10 - 15722


No. of Mat: 87

No. of Tex: 228

Texture Rés: 256 to 4096

Engine Versions: 4.24—4.26

Target Platform: Win, MAC, Consoles


Sekkan S., 1715-1790, Three Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Link [,_Yu,_Fei).jpg ]

Unknown Author, 1889, Scene from "The Dream of the Red Chamber", Link [ ]

Unknown Author, 16th Century, Bai Gu Jing, Link [ ]

Utagawa K., 1827-1830, Portrait of Chicasei Goyô (Wu Yong) Link [,_Portrait_of_Chicasei_Goy%C3%B4_(Wu_Yong)_(1827%E2%80%931830).jpg ]