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Hex Grid Toolkit

Erades - Sep 21, 2021
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A library of functions to implement hexagonal grids.

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With "Hex Grid Toolkit" you will be able to implement a hexagonal grid system, ideal for hexagonal tile maps and hexagonal unit movement.

Done 100% in Blueprints with over 80 functions.

With Dijkstra and A* Algorithms!!!

The core functions are within a single Blueprint Function Library with over 80 functions.

Examples of how to implement it are included as well as an explanation of key concepts and definitions.

Technical Details

Video Overview: YouTube

Documentation: Doc

Documentation: Pdf

Support Discord: Discord


  • 100% in Blueprints
  • Different coordinate conversions
  • Shape generation tool (Hexagonal, Rectangle, Line, Ring, Parallelogram)
  • A* Pathfinding
  • Dijkstra flow map and step cost
  • Flood fill
  • Shadow casting field of view (BETA)

Number of Blueprints: 3

BPFL_Hex_Logic: Contains the logic for the hexagonal grids

BP_Tile_Manager: Generate the tiles and display the possibilities within the toolkit

BP_Tile: Actor representing a tile

Input: Keyboard and Mouse