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Factory And Warehouse Sound Effects Collection

Stormwave Audio - Sound Effects - Feb 4, 2023

An extensive set of 437 industrial sound effects.

  • Supported Platforms
  • Supported Engine Versions
    4.18 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
  • Download Type
    Asset Pack
    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

The Factory And Warehouse Sound Effects Collection offers a comprehensive set of sound effects for industrial settings.

This collection includes a variety of loops and single sounds of various intensities, from plastic and wooden clutter drops, hand tools, storage, footsteps, to piping and heavy industrial machines.

The sound effects are perfect for adding authenticity to video game levels that require realistic industrial sound design.


Factory Materials SFX Pack

Warehouse Tools SFX Pack

Tool SFX Pack

Warehouse Utility SFX Pack

Industrial Piping SFX Pack

Industrial Ventilation SFX Pack 2

Files Included:

Air Conditioning Clunky External Unit Loop 1-3

Air Conditioning External Unit Loop 1-3

Air Conditioning Internal Unit Fan Loop 1-11

Air Conditioning Internal Unit Opening Motor 1-2

Aluminium Pipe Scrape 1

Arc Welder Sparks 1-5

Belt Sander On Wooden Surface 1

Big Industrial Compressor Loop 1-3

Big Industrial Compressor Power Down 1

Big Industrial Sectional Doors Close 1-3

Big Industrial Sectional Doors Open 1-3

Bow Saw Cutting Wood Plank 1-2

Broken Plastic Drop 1

Broken Ventilation Fan 1-6

Broken Ventilation Fan Loop 1-4

Broken Ventilation Fan Spin Down 1-2

Broken Ventilation System Loop 1-6

Broom Sweep 1-4

Broom Sweeping Wet Surface 1-2

Bubble Wrap Pop 1-5

Bubble Wrap Rustle 1-3

Electric Driller Spin 1-10

Electric Fan High Speed Loop 1

Electric Fan Low Speed Loop 1

Electric Fan Medium Speed Loop 1

Electric Jigsaw Cutting Wood 1-5

Expanding Aluminium Ladder 1-3

Hammer Impact On Clunky Wood 1-3

Hammer Impact On Wooden Plank 1-4

Heavy Iron Bolt Pile Pick Up 1

Heavy Metal And Plastic Scrap Drop 1

Heavy Metal And Plastic Scrap Pick Up 1-2

Heavy Metal Pipe Scraping Stone 1-5

Heavy Metal Revolving Security Gate 1-2

Heavy Plastic Clutter Drop 1

Heavy Plastic Crush 1

Hydraulic System Overflow Air Release 1-6

Industrial Bed Roller Loop 1-4

Industrial Electrical Charger Loop 1-3

Industrial Machine Heavy Metal Door Close 1

Industrial Machine Heavy Metal Door Slam 1

Industrial Plastic Packaging Machine Loop 1

Industrial Trash Compactor Operation 1

Industrial Warehouse Sectional Bay Doors Close 1-2

Industrial Warehouse Sectional Bay Doors Open 1-2

Large Drills Drop 1-3

Large Drills Pick Up 1-2

Large Industrial Electrical Transformer Loop 1

Large Industrial Oil Heater Loop 1-4

Large Metallic Water Pipe Flow Loop 1

Large PVC Pipe Water Flow Loop 1-6

Large Plastic Screw Fast Spin 1

Light Metal Parts Handle 1-2

Light Metal Rod Scraping Stone 1-2

Light Metal Tank Impact 1-5

Light Metal Tank Scrape 1-5

Light Metallic Scrape 1-3

Light Plastic And Leather Clutter Drop 1-4

Light Plastic Clutter Handle 1-2

Light Plastic Components Drop 1

Light Resonating Metal Impact 1-2

Light Rusty Metallic Scrape 1-3

Metal Bits Drop 1-2

Metal Bits Pick Up 1

Metal Clutter Drop 1-2

Metal Container Impact 1-4

Metal Handle Roll 1-5

Metal Ladder Fold 1-3

Metal Ladder Footstep 1-10

Metal Ladder Set Up 1-3

Metal Ladder Stomp 1-5

Metal Pipe Impact 1-4

Metal Pipe Light Impact 1-2

Metal Pipe Light Scrape 1-3

Metal Pipe Scrape 1-3

Metal Rod Hard Impact 1-7

Metal Screw Pile Pick Up 1

Metal Screw Pile Shuffle 1

Metal Switch 1-5

Metallic Water Pipe Flow Loop 1-10

Multiple Large Plastic Bottle Caps Drop 1-5

Multiple Plastic Screws Drop 1

Multiple Small Screws Drop 1-3

Packaging Tape Gun 1-6

Petrol Run Generator Engine 1

Plastic Clutter Drop 1-7

Plastic Scrap Drop 1

Plastic Scrap Handle 1

Plastic Sheets Impact 1

Plastic Strapping Reel Unwind 1-2

Plastic Strapping Reel Unwind Short 1

Plastic Wrap Roll 1-2

Plastic Wrap Squeak 1-2

Pliers 1-5

Plywood Panel Drop 1-4

Plywood Panel Hard Impact 1

Plywood Panel Small Impact 1-3

Resonating Metal Impact 1-3

Rotary Power Tool Motor 1

Rotary Power Tool Motor Loop 1-3

Rotary Power Tool Motor Short 1-4

Rugged Metal Scrape 1

Rummaging Through Small Plastic Junk 1-2

Rusty Metallic Scrape 1-2

Screw Pile Pick Up 1

Screws And Bolts Drop On A Table 1

Screws And Bolts Spill On Table 1

Sledgehammer Light Impact On Concrete 1-3

Sliding Metal Object Into Metallic Container 1-2

Sliding Old Industrial Steel Door 1

Small Electric Air Pump Operation 1-12

Small Gas Blowtorch Burn 1-5

Small Metal Clutter Drop 1-2

Small Metal Clutter Grab 1

Small Metal Component Drop 1-2

Small Metal Hit 92-103

Small Metal Lid Close 1

Small Metal Scrap Drop 1

Small Metallic Gear Mechanism 1-7

Small Metallic Water Pipe Flow Loop 1-3

Small Plastic Clutter Drop 1

Small Plastic Debris Drop 1

Small Rattling Metal Impact 1-3

Small Resonating Metal Scrape 1

Small Rusty Metallic Scrape 1-5

Small Screw Compartment Close 1

Small Screw Compartment Open 1-2

Small Water Pipe Flow Loop 1-4

Springy Plastic Impact 1

Sticky Surface Footstep 1-6

Strapping Tensioner Ratchet Clunky 1-2

Strapping Tensioner Ratchet Fast 1

Strapping Tensioner Ratchet Pumping Long 1

Strapping Tensioner Ratchet Pumping Short 1

Strapping Tensioner Ratchet Short 1-2

Strapping Tensioner Ratchet Single 1-3

Thick Plastic Sheet Stack Drop 1-2

Thin Cardboard Rip 1-2

Thin Plastic Sheets Drop 1

Warehouse Concrete Floor Footstep 1-8

Warehouse Door Handle 1-4

Warehouse Metal Floor Footstep 1-7

Wire Cutters Clip 1-5

Wooden Industrial Pallet Drag 1

Wooden Industrial Pallet Stack 1-3

Technical Details

Features: 437 stereo .wav sound effects.

Number of Audio Waves: 437

Number of Audio Cues: 437

Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

Do Sound FX loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 18:47

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: All