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Easy Dialogue System

Max Silnov - Blueprints - Feb 21, 2024

Create dialogues between multiple characters with the ability to display unique emotions for each (including video and sounds), with typewriter text animation, writing styles, different choices, dialogue division by tables!

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    Complete Project
    This product contains a full Unreal Engine project folder, complete with Config files, Content files and .uproject file, which can be used as a template to create a new project.


  • 100% of the code is written through the blueprint system, which is easy to understand and intuitive. The dialogues themselves are implemented through the Data Table system.
  • For each line of dialogue, you can use different emotions! React to the player's responses! Use video emotions and add sounds!
  • Unlimited number of characters in one dialogue!
  • In addition, there are 2 customizable printing speeds for letters. The first speed is for standard text reading, and the second speed, if the player presses any key, the text will be printed at an accelerated pace, and this speed can be very fast!
  • Each subsequent letter will be printed in the style (color, size, etc.) that you specify!
  • The unique architecture of the code is designed to allow you to easily customize dialogues, including complex and multi-level ones. You won't get lost in such a structure!
  • Start the dialogue from the specified line, or, if the text has already been fully read, start another dialogue or repeat the same one! There are no limitations here!
  • Each player action is taken into account and returned as an event, which can be used to influence the plot or the character's status.
  • Depending on the settings, either use the character's voice off-screen, or react with sounds!
  • If a player tries to leave during a dialogue, the dialogue will stop, but if they come back, you can continue the dialogue or start another one!

Insert videos, sounds, fonts, change text speed, react with emotions, all in the "Easy Dialogue System"!

Video demonstration:


Demo Download:

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Discord: Link

Documentation: Link

Technical Details


  •  100% Blueprint 
  •  Unlimited number of characters in one dialogue, each with unique emotions. 
  •  Ability to change emotions for each individual dialogue line! Emotions in the form of images or videos! 
  • Voiceover for any line, or unique sound for each participant in the conversation. 
  • Set any color, font, size, etc. even for each letter! 
  • Beautiful, and most importantly - smooth typewriter effect in dialogue! 
  • Adjustable typing speed, ability to type very fast. 
  • Different choices. 
  • Binding events. 
  • Easily create dialogues using datatables. 
  • Simple structure for building dialogue branches. It won't get confusing! 
  • Ability to transition between dialogues and start any dialogue from a specific line! 
  • Skip dialogue lines with a key press.
  • Simple configuration in one config file. 
  • Beautiful, editable UI. 
  • Easy completion of any dialogue. 
  • Support for localization

Number of Blueprints: 2

Number of Widget Blueprints: 2

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms:


Documentation: Link