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Dolby Atmos Plug-In

Dolby Labs - Code Plugins - Nov 16, 2022

The Dolby Atmos Plug-In beta provides access to enhanced Dolby spatial audio processing for game development by using the existing controls in the Unreal Engine.

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Unleash the power of spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Immerse your players by placing and moving individual sounds all around them in three dimensions, even overhead, with pinpoint precision and realism. By using object-based spatial audio, Dolby Atmos opens up new creative possibilities to transport your players into your game and heighten their experience.

The Dolby Atmos Plug-In extends the functionality of the Unreal Engine by enabling the selection and configuration of source audio for processing and conversion to Dolby Atmos game audio. The plug-in allows you to produce a single Dolby Atmos mix using Unreal Engine's audio authoring tools, and automatically create a consistent and optimized version tailored to each platform's capabilities - minimizing your involvement and platform-specific quality assurance.

For more visit games.dolby.com/UE-Atmos

Technical Details

Limited Access Features

• Beta Supported Platforms: Windows 10, the Xbox family of products, and Android

• The Dolby Atmos Plug-In for Unreal Engine supports dynamic object allocation, routing the appropriate number of game sound sources to a platform's spatial audio APIs.

• Supported audio objects counts for each platform are maintained by the plug-in and the maximum supported number of objects are routed to a given platform during gameplay, while those that exceed a platform's limitations are rendered to beds. This enables sound designers to create their desired audio scenes in a platform agnostic manner and allow the plug-in to optimize the mix in real-time during playback.

• The Dolby Atmos Plug-In also supports upper and lower hemisphere rendering for Xbox & PC, enabling the use of the lower hemisphere to produce soundscapes below the player, enabling a new dimension for playback.

Additional Information:

To find out more visit games.dolby.com/UE-Atmos

For tech questions, contact us here: games.dolby.com/atmos/dolby-atmos-for-unreal-engine/support