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CineLens Model Set: Z3155 Supr3m3

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CineLens SPHERICAL Z3155_Supr3m3 dynamic lens models

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    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

CineLens SPHERICAL Z3155_Supr3m3 SET is a collection of lens objects that use verified real-world data from VFX.

These can attach to any CineCamera in Unreal.

These contain basic lens models, including iris and distance mapping to lens pulls as well as dynamic distortion mapped to focus distance.

Vignette has NOT yet been implemented, though may at a future date, if there is interest.

The result reacts more like a real world lens.

As you get to the upper limits of distance, it falls off exponentially, as you’d expect.

In a physical lens, when focus is pulled, the glass moves thru the housing.

You can see this reflected in the distortion and the vignette of a wide lens as it’s pulled:

Longer lenses also show this, though more the effect is more subtle.

This helps give the lenses a sense of “life” that mimics its real world counterpart.

Some lenses only require a handful of maps, while many others can require over 40+.

How to switch lenses using lens objects in UE5:

Required plugins:

  • Camera Calibration (this also automatically enables the following)
  • Python Editor Script Plugin
  • Sequencer Scripting
  • Takes Recorder
  • Live Link
  • Composure
  • Media Framework Utilities
  • Media IO Framework
  • HDRI Backdrop (for Demo Map)

Z3155_Supr3m3 SET of 14x lenses :

(Names greeked to balance copyright concerns with need to reference specific physical data.)

  • 015mm (sensor: 31.68mm x 17.82mm) focus ring diam.: 114mm
  • 018mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 114mm
  • 021mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 025mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 029mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 035mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 040mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 050mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 065mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 085mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 100mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 135mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 150mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 95mm
  • 200mm (sensor: 36.70mm x 25.54mm) focus ring diam.: 114mm

Created from VFX production grid shots, solved in 3DE converted to raw distortion values.

Raw values should give much better performance than STmaps.

Also saves over 40GB worth of 32-bit EXRs for this set.

Technical Details


  • SPHERICAL Lens objects for quick creative options with CineCams.
  • 14 dynamic lenses over a complete set
  • Distortion mapped over focus distance.
  • Distance throw mapped from focusMin to focusMax
  • Iris throw mapped from irisOpen to irisClosed.
  • Sourced from VFX production grids. References specific physical lenses.
  • converted to raw distortion values for increased interactivity.

Number of Unique Effects: 14

LODs: No

Number of Textures: 0

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


Unreal 5.3 makes it very easy to switch between lens objects on any CineCamera.

Sensor size, focal length, distortion and ANA ratio are all embedded in these lens objects.

Enable Camera Calibration plug-in, restart and you can attach a lens object to any CineCamera in Unreal and are ready to point towards any of the assets.

Example of playing with diff lens options:

Tested on both Windows and Mac. Very responsive workflow. Should be ok on Linux.

Although these are dynamic mapped lens models, to match its real world counterpart on set, the raw encoder values would need to be verified.

Also, physical variations from lenses are expected. 

If needed to closely match real camera bodies and lenses for Virtual Production, you may need to capture your own set of grids for each lens.

Additional attributes could potentially be embedded in lens objects include dynamic vignettes over distance, flares/glares, bokeh kernel and aperture blades.

Avoided Blueprints to maintain most interactivity, but I may implement some of these at a future date if there is interest.