Audio-Driven Gameplay

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In the past, game audio had to simply react to the events happening in-game, but this is no longer the case! Learn how to enable actors in the game to 'hear' and respond to in-game audio, discover how to drive parameters by analyzing the audio's amplitude and frequency, and use your player's microphone to create immersive experiences. Imagine driving leaf animations based on the sound of the wind, instigating a camera shake based on the frequencies of an explosion, or having in-game actors react to the music track. Apply this to the player's microphone to create even more exciting opportunities. Have your player start a fire by blowing on their microphone, conjure a magic spell using their voice, or even attract the attention of nearby NPCs by whistling.

The ability to use audio analysis to drive in-game events and parameters based on the audio itself has endless creative applications. Let's get started!

Technical Details

UE-Only Content - Licensed for Use Only with Unreal Engine-based Products

Compatibility: Unreal Engine 4.26