Adaptive Follow Camera

ADA Software LLC - Blueprints - Feb 20, 2024

Adaptive Follow Camera enhances the third-person camera by automatically rotating to match the player's movement direction and fading out obstructing characters or objects, creating a smoother and more immersive gameplay experience.

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Demo : Demo (Windows)

Adaptive Follow Camera is an innovative component that enhances the player's gaming experience by automatically adjusting camera angles based on their input and the game's terrain. This feature significantly reduces the need for manual camera adjustments, allowing players to focus on the game action without the hassle of constantly managing the camera.

One of the key features of the Adaptive Follow Camera is its ability to smoothly follow the player's movements by adapting the camera's horizontal angle in response to player input. As the player moves and turns, the camera smoothly rotates to align with the player's heading direction, ensuring that the player can always see what lies ahead, such as enemies, obstacles, or points of interest. Additionally, the camera's pitch dynamically adjusts based on the terrain, providing optimal player visibility on slopes, stairs, and other landscapes.

The Adaptive Follow Camera also includes a range of other features designed to enhance the player's experience. During falling sequences, the camera intelligently adjusts its pitch to keep the player within the frame, preventing disorienting views. The component offers customizable parameters, such as pitch angle limitations and the ability to quickly reset the camera's yaw, giving developers the flexibility to tailor the camera behavior to their game's specific needs.

To maintain immersion and prevent camera clipping, the Adaptive Follow Camera employs a fading technique for objects or characters that come too close to the camera. This ensures that the player's view remains unobstructed, preserving clear gameplay visibility.

The Adaptive Follow Camera package includes three Blueprints, making integration into your project a straightforward process. It supports keyboard, mouse, and gamepad inputs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of player preferences.

By incorporating the Adaptive Follow Camera into your game, you can greatly enhance the player's experience, minimizing the need for manual camera adjustments and creating a more fluid, engaging gameplay experience. Players can enjoy the game without the distraction of constantly adjusting the camera.

Technical Details


  • Horizontal Follow: Adapts the camera's horizontal angle in response to player movement inputs.
  • Vertical Follow: Camera pitch adjusts on varied terrains for optimal player visibility.
  • Follow in Falling: Adjusts camera pitch during falls to keep the player in frame.
  • Pitch Angle Limitation: Limits the camera's pitch to prevent extreme angles.
  • Reset Rotation: Enables quick camera yaw resetting.
  • Adjust TargetArmLength: Changes the camera's TargetArmLength based on pitch and the player's direction.
  • Fade Character at Close Range: Fades out characters close to the camera.
  • Fade Object Mesh: Fade objects between the player and the camera to maintain clear gameplay visibility.

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Number of Blueprints: 3

Input: Keyboard & Mouse, Gamepad

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation: Documentation Link